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New Year Information

Happy New Year! It has been a really positive start to the new year and it was lovely to welcome the children back in school this week. We have been looking at how we can improve what we do and introduced the following to keep you informed and involved in your child’s education;


Twitter – each class will ensure they Tweet at least one Tweet a day celebrating the exciting things the children are learning in class.


Class Dojo – Each day children will be awarded one Dojo point if they work hard and behave well. If they achieve a point every day that week their points will be doubled on a Friday to reward them for being fantastic pupils so potentially each child can earn at least 10 points a week. Each Friday the child/children in the class with the most Dojo points will become the Class Dojo Master! They will receive a certificate to bring home, will be mentioned in the Friday Celebration Assembly and their photo will be displayed on the Dojo Master board in the hall. We hope this will reward those children who always do the right thing in particular to thank them for their consistent good behaviour. The Class Dojo Master will also be Tweeted each Friday.


Achievers Assemblies – Year 1 to Year 6. Each week two children in each class are chosen to receive an Achievers Award and their parents are invited in to the Achievers Assembly which takes place on a Thursday afternoon at 2.45pm each week. Children are chosen for a variety of reasons which their class teacher explain during the assembly. It is a real honour to receive an Achievers Award and it is lovely to have family members at the assembly to celebrate the children’s achievements. This year children may receive the award for being fabulous scientists, historians, mathematicians, geographers etc as we celebrate achievements in our new curriculum.


Fridays – The children, including Reception children, are allowed to bring scooters and roller skates in to school every Friday to use at lunchtime. For health and safety reasons they must wear a helmet. Scooters and helmets are to be stored at the scooter racks and taken home at the end of the day.


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