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We want our children to think like a geographer which will allow them to ask and answer geographical questions with understanding and confidence. Furthermore, we want to inspire children and ignite their curiosity and fascination about geography. Children are encouraged to gain a good understanding of the world and their place in it. A good locational knowledge allows them to understand where things are and why. This in turn helps children to develop an understanding of relationships and connectiveness. Our curriculum is knowledge rich whilst also incorporating the geographical skills that children need in order to succeed in this area and other areas of learning. By learning about the world around them, we hope children will become curious and inspired, and take this learning with them as they progress through life. Geography provides children the opportunity to develop their investigative and problem-solving skills, both inside and outside of the classroom. This allows children to forge a deep and meaningful understanding of the subject, in the context of our local area, as well as the wider world.



Geography projects are taught in the Autumn, Spring and Summer Terms. They are sequenced to develop children’s geographical knowledge and skills. Each geography project develops a strong sense of what geography is. Our projects build on the learning that has taken place in previous year groups.

In order for pupils to learn and remember more, each lesson begins with a refresh of previous learning. At the end of a project, children express their learning through various means such as presentations and speeches.

Our school grounds and local area are utilized well, allowing children to gain a secure understanding and knowledge of their own environment. Through their work in geography all children will learn how to draw and interpret maps and develop their skills of research and investigation. We encourage children to learn by experience and we believe fieldwork is a key aspect of the geography curriculum which encourages them to observe, question and investigate.

Every class has a ‘Knowledge Working Wall’ which provides the opportunity for teachers to display key knowledge, work and vocabulary. Active learning strategies are also key in the way our geography projects are taught.  



Children will have a good understanding of geographical vocabulary and will ask and answer questions with growing confidence. As children progress through the school, they develop a good understanding of what geography is including the knowledge and skills linked to this discipline as well as an appreciation for their own local area. This will in turn give children a sense of pride of living in Birtley, the North East and the UK. Children will be confident in understanding the world we live in and how places are connected and why. Our world is complex and it is important that we equip children with this knowledge early on so they can build on it throughout life.

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