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Parental Use of Social Media Policy


Written May 2018 Reviewed May 2019


Although social networking sites may appear to be the quickest and easiest way to express frustrations or concerns about the School (and those associated with it), it is never appropriate to do so. Other channels, such as a private and confidential discussion with School staff, or using the School’s formal complaints process are much better suited to this.

The School considers the following examples to be inappropriate uses of social networking sites. (This list is non-exhaustive and intended to provide examples only):

  • Making allegations about staff or pupils at the School/cyber-bullying;
  • Making complaints about the School/staff at the School;
  • Making defamatory statements about the School or staff at the School;
  • Posting negative/offensive comments about specific pupils/staff at the School;
  • Posting racist comments;
  • Posting comments which threaten staff/children.


Parents should also ensure that their children are not using social networking/internet sites in an inappropriate manner. It is expected that parents/carers explain to their children what is acceptable to post online. Parents/carers are also expected to monitor their children’s online activity, including in relation to their use of social media.



The School will always try to deal with concerns raised by parents in a professional and appropriate manner and understands that parents may not always realise when they have used social networking sites inappropriately. Therefore, as a first step, the School will usually discuss the matter with the parent to try and resolve the matter and to ask that the relevant information be removed from the social networking site in question. If the parent refuses to do this and continues to use social networking sites in a manner the School considers inappropriate, the School will consider taking the following action:

  • Take legal advice and/or legal action where the information posted is defamatory in any way or if the circumstances warrant this;
  • Set out the School’s concerns to you in writing, giving you a warning and requesting that the material in question is removed;
  • Contact the Police where the School feels it appropriate – for example, if it considers a crime (such as harassment) has been committed; or in cases where the posting has a prejudicial element, is considered to be grossly obscene or is threatening violence;
  • If the inappropriate comments have been made on a school website or online forum, the School may take action to block or restrict that individual’s access to that website or forum;
  • Contact the host/provider of the Social Media


If any comments are deemed to be defamatory i.e. which are untrue, inaccurate and may damage the reputation of the person, the individual may be advised to take legal proceedings against the author of those comments which may result not only in the comments being taken off the social media sites but also a financial cost to the author to reimburse the individual for any injury to feelings.


Any comments which include racist, sexist, homophobic remarks, harassment or intimidation and threats of violence will be reported to the police for their investigation. Authors of such comments may find that criminal proceedings are then commenced against them.


I would like to remind you that you are legally responsible for what you do or say online and what you say openly can be accessed around the world in minutes and can be republished elsewhere. You must be willing to take personal responsibility for anything that you say online.

A school should be a safe place where relationships between staff, parents and visitors demonstrates a mutual respect and recognition of shared responsibility for pupils’ welfare and educational progress.


We want to work with our parents to ensure that the school is a safe place for all and if you do feel strongly enough about an incident at the school involving a member of staff then we encourage you to resolve by meeting the individual member of staff at the school or the Phase Lead or Head Teacher for an open and constructive discussion to ensure the best resolution for all concerned.





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