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At Ravensworth Terrace Primary School we aim to promote Numeracy as a life skill, and support our children in becoming numeracy literate, by developing proficient methods for mental calculations within the four basic calculations but also by establishing patterns and links within all mathematical concepts.


“The only way to learn mathematics is to do mathematics.”

Paul Halmos


Mathematics is best delivered through a range of practical tasks using real objects and concrete apparatus allowing solutions to real life problems to be found, both within and outside of the school environment. Hence we use a Mastery Approach which encompasses this.


Mathematics Mastery

The principles of Mathematics Mastery are implemented in all maths teaching across the whole school. The Mathematics Mastery curriculum has been developed to ensure every child can achieve excellence in mathematics. It provides pupils with a deep understanding of the subject through a concrete (real objects), pictorial and abstract approach (see the diagram below for an example of this approach). This ensures pupils fully understand what they are learning.


Key features of our Maths Mastery curriculum:
• High expectations for every child
• Fewer topics, greater depth
• Number sense and place value come first
• Language development a feature of every lesson
• Research-based curriculum
• Objects and pictures always before numbers and letters
• Problem solving is central

• Calculate with confidence – understand why it works

• Explaining mathematical thinking and reasoning


Mathematics Mastery places emphasis on the cumulative mastery of essential knowledge and skills in mathematics. It embeds a deeper understanding of maths by utilising an CPA approach (concrete, pictorial, abstract), so that pupils understand what they are doing rather than just learning to repeat routines without grasping what is happening.

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Lessons are carefully designed to ensure all children access rich, problem solving tasks and do not just focus on development of procedural fluency. The lesson design is consistent throughout the school to ensure a constant approach. Lessons will often incorporate elements of recalling prior knowledge, linking with what is being taught that day to build on prior knowledge. Then the children are encouraged to explore a problem where they are able to represent the scenario in a variety of ways before moving on to then investigate methods of finding the answer. This includes developing relationships between concepts together with hypothesizing and reasoning to solve the problem and explore deeper the notion that the answer is only the beginning! To support children in their learning, teachers use a wide range of practical equipment which assists children in developing number sense and allows them to become more proficient in their methods of calculation.


We recognise the importance of securing the foundations of mental calculations and developing number knowledge, thus ensure the children have the daily opportunity to practise these skills and revisit topics in our ‘Maths Workout’ sessions.


In Mathematics Mastery, assessment is continuous. From the beginning of every lesson, teachers and teaching assistants will be assessing what their pupils are, or are not understanding and use this to scaffold each segment of the lesson. Interventions will be both planned for and ‘live’, meaning that misconceptions are dealt with immediately and high attaining pupils are challenged appropriately.

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