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Music is an art that can be demonstrated in many different forms. No matter the age or ability of the child, music can inspire children and allow them to express creativity. Music at Ravensworth Terrace is a vital part of our school community.



Through our music scheme, children will learn and become confident with the interrelated dimensions of music: pulse, rhythm, pitch, dynamics, tempo, timbre, structure, texture and notation. We aim to regularly expose pupils to musical vocabulary, a variety of musical genres as well as access many instruments so that children have a thorough knowledge of all elements of music. By studying specific instruments in depth, children become adept at the instrument focus for their year group. Our music curriculum inspires, engages and develops a love of music.



Using ‘Charanga’ as a guide for our scheme across Years 1, 2, 3 and 6 ensures the children’s musical skills progress every year. It allows them to learn a variety of genres of music including hip hop, jazz and reggae. During each lesson, the interrelated dimensions of music are constantly revisited and consolidated to allow children to become confident with all musical vocabulary.

Learning a musical instrument is a skill we encourage at Ravensworth. In Key stage 2, each year group has an instrument focus which they explore in depth: glockenspiel (Year 3), djembe (Year 4), ukulele (Year 5) and recorder (Year 6). With the help of First Access (a music support service allowing professional musicians to come into school), certain year groups are able to take part in whole class ensemble work with instruments not usually available in school. As well as this, small group instrument sessions are also carried out in Key Stage 2. Use of the school percussion and tuned instruments are also used in Key Stage 1 to explore sounds and rhythms. Playing an instrument is a major part of all music lessons at Ravensworth.

The children thoroughly enjoy singing as a school on a regular basis where we practise songs which demonstrate our values and our close relationship as a school team. A smaller number of pupils with a particular love for singing and performing have the opportunity to join the choir. The school choir are an enthusiastic, passionate group of Key Stage 2 pupils who practise weekly and perform regularly, representing our school at every opportunity.


We seek to provide opportunities for the children to share their skills with family members, governors, elderly friends of the school and the wider community. With an annual talent show and regular instrument, singing and dance performances, and many traditional celebrations throughout the year, Music is an important aspect of the Ravensworth Terrace school life.



Children at Ravensworth express a love of music. They are confident with the interrelated dimensions of music and the corresponding vocabulary and can identify different musical styles due to their style indicators. Children sing a variety of songs with expression and accurate pitch and timing. From a young age, they can identify and describe the sounds different instruments can make using musical language and are able to play these instruments with confidence after studying them in depth. Children are able to improvise and compose their own pieces and use various forms of notation to both read and record music.






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