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Reducing Parental Conflict Programme North East

Dear Parents,

Please see attached flyers for FREE courses available.

There are 3 online modules that families can access including –

Me, You & Baby Too (MYBT) for new and expecting parents.

Parents will learn about:

• What babies pick up from you, even before they are born.

• Why stress should be a shared burden.

• How you and your partner can best support each other.

• How to talk to bring up difficult topics.

• How arguments start, and how to stop them.


  1. Arguing Better to support parents to manage conflict constructively and reduce the impact it has on children

Parents will learn about:

  • Where stress comes from and how it can affect you.
  • The impact of stress on your family and relationship.
  • How to support each other during stressful times.
  • The best way to talk about problems so that you can find solutions together.


  1. Getting it Right For Children for separated parents to help minimise the impact of separation on children.

Parents will learn about:

• How stay calm and listen as well as talk.

• Why it’s helpful to see things from a different point of view.

• What to do to stop a discussion from turning into an argument.

• Skills for finding solutions and making compromises



All three of the above courses are online and parents who wish to access them can work their way through the courses at their own pace, they do not need to complete all in one go, they can save and come back to it later. Parents can do any one of the above online courses or all three, depending on their circumstances and needs. To access the online resources parents will need a smart device such as a mobile phone and an internet connection.


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