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At Ravensworth Terrace Primary School, we believe it is very important to embrace and celebrate the diversity which exists within our school and society as a whole. We acknowledge that the UK has a rich heritage of culture and diversity and that religion and belief for many form a crucial part of their culture and identity.

In a sensitive and thought provoking manner, we strive to develop pupils’ knowledge and understanding of the following principal religions: Christianity, Islam, Judaism and Hinduism. Exploring the way the different faiths answer questions about the ultimate meaning and purpose of life, beliefs about God, what it means to be human and the issues of right and wrong.

During their time at Ravensworth Terrace Primary School, it is our aim to ensure that the children have the opportunity to visit a church, a temple, a mosque and a synagogue so they understand how these buildings are used.

In a society where the impact of religion gains extensive media coverage, we acknowledge the importance that RE plays in developing respect for others, considering our responsibilities and exploring our own beliefs.

Who decides upon the RE curriculum?

The RE syllabus is delegated by Government to every Local Authority which is given the power to write the syllabus they believe is in the best interest of the children of their community, taking into account local factors. This syllabus is then aimed at Community Maintained Schools and not faith schools (e.g. Catholic schools) which have their own curriculum.

Ravensworth Terrace is a maintained Gateshead school. We are not a faith school and do not have any religious affiliation. As a result, we adopt Gateshead’s RE curriculum.

What is in the RE curriculum?

The Gateshead RE curriculum focuses on four main religions Christianity, Judaism, Islam and Hinduism. There is a greater focus on Christianity because of Britain being a Christian country but the programme of study still introduces the culture and religious beliefs of the other main religions that are practised in our local, national and international community.

It is our intention, and the intention of Gateshead as a Local Authority, to ensure that the children of our community are taught facts about the religions that we study. We aim that our pupils will develop an understanding of how people who come from the different religions share common principles and values whilst also explaining the meaning behind the diverse practices from these religions.

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